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1971 Wood Brothers Mercury – David Pearson

1971 Wood Brothers Mercury driven by David Pearson

Woods Brothers Racing had two race requirements from its driver David Pearson aka “The Silver Fox”.  First, a stick of chewing gun for each 100 miles of the race was taped to the dash.  Second, install a cigarette lighter.

“You’d be out here at Darlington with 50 laps to go. It’s 95 degrees outside and you’re just dying,” said Pearson’s archrival, Richard Petty.   “And then David would go blowing by you and he’s driving with one hand and lighting a cigarette with the other. You knew you were in trouble then.”

Two years ago, 73 year old Pearson drove this car around a refurbished Darlington for a demonstration.  He drove in front of a modern race car driven by Carl Edwards.  Pearson drove about as fast as 1972 and would have gone faster on the newly surfaced track but his tires were older than the other driver.   The duct taped chewing gum and cigarette lighter are visible below.  Edwards had neither.

Ready To Race

One response

  1. Chuck

    Good shots and fantastic write up on David Pearson. Oh for “the old days”

    July 27, 2010 at 9:42 am

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