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Clark’s Mustang

Clark's Mustang

Not Phil Clark, the original Mustang designer.  The other one, my step-son.  In North Carolina, we have been dry and hot with no rain EXCEPT for this particular Sunday afternoon.   I intended to use the late afternoon light.  Instead, we had heavy, dark, grey overcast, about 4 stops worth.  Scouting this location,  I noticed Monarch Butterflies about.   3 days later, they were gone so this car is the only orange and black thing I photographed at Yates Mill County Park.  It isn’t a Monarch which is an inside family joke.  Not really black either, sort a of dark, dark metallic gray.  Car guys can get very picky about this stuff.  This thing does move well and sounds good doing it.

One response

  1. Nancy Bond

    What a magnificent image of a beautiful machine. I absolutely love the paint and polish of this Mustang. The light and shadows could not be more flattering!

    September 21, 2010 at 3:54 pm

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