An Artists Communion Through A Lens

Charleston Harbor – Winds and Currents


The harbor beneath the wings of this gull has seen Spanish explorers, British settlers, Slave Traders, Revolutionary War, British Occupation,  replacement as State Capital and Slave Rebellion.

The US Civil War was started here.  At its end, Charleston was occupied by Union Troops.

Charleston has been battered by Earthquakes (1886) and Hurricanes (1989)

The Citadel, where I attended night courses as an enlisted sailor, now admits African Americans and Women, something inconceivable even 50 years ago.

The Naval Base and Shipyard are now gone, as is the Polaris Missile Facility where I was stationed.

Container Ships, Cruise Ships and Tour Boats have replaced the Destroyers, Mine Sweepers and Submarines.

Sea Level rise by the end of this century will dramatically change the peninsula.

The harbor, in some shape and size, will endure.  It is, a Laughing Gull

One response

  1. Betsy B

    Beautiful picture….you must have spent your birthday in Charleston.
    Happy belated day from your “twin” on Barbary.

    August 7, 2014 at 9:53 pm

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