Project “Z”- Part 1…

Today, UPS brought my eBay purchase of an Altman Shakespeare Zoom ellipsoidal.  Shutters work fine, need to buy a pattern holder for gobos and an iris. 

This is partly disassembled with the halogen lamp assembly removed.  I’ll cut off the casting above the gray tape to mount a strobe.  That will be exponentially brighter than the original lamp, for a 1/1000th of second, which is all I need.  Bringing a little bit of Theater to the Studio. Maybe even a little Hollywood.

2 thoughts on “Project “Z”- Part 1…

    1. Only part of what I”ve been cooking up for awhile. Engineering drawings from Mole Richardson on discontinued parts, warehouse guy at Barbizon in NYC finding NoS and a couple of Nordicware Springform Pans sacrificing their bottoms. Oh and the Black & Gold Rosco Slit Drape and City Theatrical Gel frames and the Altman 10×10’s for the Mole 412 – keeps me out of the bars. 😉

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