Project “Y” Hollywood Light – Continued from Jan. 2020

Recycled and added the original fresnel reflector to fit a Paul C Buff monolight (instead of using a Buff Umbrella Reflector which got used on Project Z). That means I cut a hole in it with a Dremel tool!

Here’s the bare mono light without the reflector in Spot and Flood positions.

Here’s the reflector added, in Spot and Flood positions.

Here’s what it looks like in use, Full Spot and Full Flood. Getting a little bit of flash tube shape in Spot since the Buff Digibee doesn’t have a diffuser like the Buff Einstein but it’s smaller so I get full travel.  I’ll probably fix with a piece of Tuff Frost.

I think the light dates from the 1960’s. Mole Richardson moved a few years ago and a lot of old paper records got tossed.  The “Ren Mar” stencil on the barn doors means it was at the original DesiLu Studios. Probably used on set for Golden Girls, I Spy and bunch of others.   Last week, I used it in studio in two different setups with a dancer as a fill and a key. I’ll post some of those when I get client approval.  Meanwhile here are two images made with this as a key light.  In the B&W image, it was the only light

Below is my original post from January of 2020

Finished bracket today to swap out the original 2K lamp for a Paul C Buff Einstein in a Mole Richardson 412.

Idea from Mark Kitaoka

Using this 10″ Fresnel will be a new ball game compared to a half dozen 3″ Mole Midgets & Minis for portraits.

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