An Artists Communion Through A Lens


Heavenly Light

First Baptist Church, Cary, North Carolina

Made this while walking on Academy Street to photograph dancers performing in Cary.

Classic “Sunny 16” within 1/2 stop of light due to partial overcast.

Set ISO to 100 for best quality image  & Aperture at f8 for single subject and lens sweet spot.

Shutter at 1/400th of a second keeps it sharp without a tripod and tree leaves still.  Increased exposure about 1/3 stop in edit

Moon and Memory

Two weeks less than a year ago, I photographed a full Moon with the companionship of an old dog.

Tonight, I photographed this almost full Moon alone, except for his memory.  There is great clarity in a cool, quiet evening.

The Color of Spring #1

Two years ago, I would’ve repaired the mower and cut grass.  Today, I made photographs of our Azalea blossoms and some Irises in a neighbors yard.  I have discovered that I care little about the grass and a lot  about the Azalea and Iris blossoms.