An Artists Communion Through A Lens


Lazy Hazy Day In August

Woke from a couch nap to see this siesta on our deck rail.  Had complete empathy.   Double pane glass door and screen between us so focus is a little soft, in addition to the soft, diffuse light of open shade.  They are necessarily ever alert so I waited until he closed his eye which told the story better.   Removed some light branches in the background to keep attention on the main idea. Click on the image for full size.IMGP7808Gear used in this post: Pentax K3II camera, Pentax 50-135/2.8 lens + Kenko 1.5x Teleconvertor

Editing Tools used in this post: Adobe CC2015, Pixel Genius Photokit, Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet, Pantone Huey Pro


This is the second year in a row I’ve made a photograph of an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail  Butterfly with tattered wings on August 5th.  There was no plan or intention.  It was simply the coincidence of us both being ragged from July in North Carolina. In my case, I needed relief from air conditioned cabin fever.  My shutter speed was too slow for the light breeze and it was entirely my fault.  Too much time indoors.           _IMG7012


Colors of August II

Today was our annual trip for cases of canning tomatoes

State Farmers Market Raleigh

01 Farmers Market 6993 02 Farmers Market 6983 03 Farmers Market 6956 04 Farmers Market 6978 05 Farmers Market 6958 06 Farmers Market 6952 07 Farmers Market 6998 08 Farmers Market 6972 09 Farmers Market 6962 10 Farmers Market 6992 11 Farmers Market 6985 12 Farmers Market 6967