An Artists Communion Through A Lens



Palais Garnier aka Paris Opera House  – 23 Sept 2016

Heavenly Light

First Baptist Church, Cary, North Carolina

Made this while walking on Academy Street to photograph dancers performing in Cary.

Classic “Sunny 16” within 1/2 stop of light due to partial overcast.

Set ISO to 100 for best quality image  & Aperture at f8 for single subject and lens sweet spot.

Shutter at 1/400th of a second keeps it sharp without a tripod and tree leaves still.  Increased exposure about 1/3 stop in edit

Back To The Future

My recent film adventure at J.C. Raulston Arboretum with two vintage Kodak cameras yielded one good image.

The 1915 No. 1 Kodak Autographic Jr. has a big light leak which I don’t think I can fix.

  The box Brownie works well, when I remember to advance the film.  It’s tripod mount is the same as a 2017 camera.

1925 No. 2 Kodak Brownie Model F with 120 Kodak TMAX 100, at about 1/30th second and f32