Heavenly Light

First Baptist Church, Cary, North Carolina

Made this while walking on Academy Street to photograph dancers performing in Cary.

Classic “Sunny 16” within 1/2 stop of light due to partial overcast.

Set ISO to 100 for best quality image  & Aperture at f8 for single subject and lens sweet spot.

Shutter at 1/400th of a second keeps it sharp without a tripod and tree leaves still.  Increased exposure about 1/3 stop in edit

Pink Dogwood

A few steps from our front door, this Dogwood was a 12 inch high stick when we arrived in December of 1998.  Now twelve feet high, it holds Christmas Lights in December and announces Spring each March.  It survived a brutal Ice storm that broke Maples and Hollies.  It has outlasted two Labrador Retrievers.  It is graceful and elegant yet durable.   Until today, I have been frustrated trying to make a photograph of it.

Christmas Snow

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A year ago, December 26th, I was in Cleveland, Ohio.  It was a sunny day with a brilliant blue sky.  This December 26th, I’m home in Cary, North Carolina.  Six inches of snow fell from a gray sky.   Both days, I got outside and made photographs.  Instead of the shore of Lake Erie,  this year was a walk about Academy Street.  It felt like Christmas.


Cheeky 1

Animals adapt to environments.  If they don’t, they aren’t.  Sometimes, the environment is favorable.  This Eastern Grey Squirrel spends its time under bird feeders at Hemlock Bluffs Wildflower Garden in Cary, NC.  Birds push seed down, providing the squirrels and ground doves lots of food.  There is no hunting, dogs are leashed, hemlocks provide cover and human activity keeps hawks away.  It is squirrel “Xanadu” or at least, “High Cotton”.

Cheeky 2