Dôme des Invalides

View from the Court of Honor

Sarcophagus of Napoleon Bonaparte

Altar of Dôme des Invalides

  I wish my ashes to rest on the banks of the Seine among the people of France whom I so much loved

12 “Victories” surround the sarcophagus, symbolic of Napoleons campaigns








The Sun King

The French Revolution began at the Bastille, near this courtyard at Musée Carnavalet. This statue of Louis XIV is one of few that survived Révolution Française.

He was known as the “Sun King” from his role in the 1653 “Ballet royal de la Nuit”, when he danced as the rising sun in gold and jewels at age 15 in front of the Royal Court. It was about glory to the King, a Ballet de cour or Court Ballet as introduced previously to France from Italy by Catherine de’ Medici, Dowager Queen of France.

Later and firmly in power, he created the Academie Royal de Danse in 1661. Which is the Ballet of the Paris Opera today.